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Terms Of Use


Membership of the Association shall be restricted to Importers, Exporters, Brokers, Traders, Manufacturers, Distributors or other persons, firms or companies engaged in the grain, feed or allied trades whose business is involved in the movement, storage, production, marketing, distribution or use of grain, feeding stuffs or allied commodities used in the food or feed industries through or in ports or elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

Subject to the approval of the Executive Committee any person or company carrying on or engaged in any business or providing a service to any of the above categories of membership shall be eligible for election as an Associate without the right to attend or vote at General Meeting of the Association, subject to payment on the 1st January in each year of any annual subscription as specified for the time being by the Executive Committee.  An Associate shall not be eligible for membership of the Executive Committee.

Membership shall be restricted to persons, firms or companies engaged in the private sector.  If after election to Membership of the Association a Member comes to the extent of 25 per cent or more into public ownership, he shall automatically cease to be a Member from the date of such change of ownership.

All candidates for membership shall sign an application form, which will be supplied by the Secretary, and be proposed by one and seconded by another Member of the Association.  Such application shall be notified to all members of the Executive Committee, and shall be brought before that Committee at their next or any subsequent meeting when the members present at such meeting shall vote by ballot, and any candidate who shall receive the votes of not less than two thirds of the members present in his favour shall be duly elected as a Member.  The Secretary shall then enter the trading name of the newly elected Member in the Register of Members of the Association.

A candidate whose application has been refused or who has not been elected shall not be eligible for election until after the expiry of three months from the disposal of the previous application.

All Members shall be bound by the Memorandum and Articles of Association and shall confirm to the Rules and Regulations of the Association from time to time in force.

Any Member may resign his membership of the Association on giving not less than three months notice of his intention so to do in writing addressed to the Secretary, and at the date of the expiry of such notice he shall cease to be Member, but he shall continue to be liable to pay any subscriptions due up to that date, and his liability under Clause 6 of the Memorandum of Association shall continue for one year after he ceases to be a Member.

The Executive Committee may at any time by resolution passed by a majority consisting of at least two-thirds of its members present, and voting at a meeting specially convened for the purpose, cancel the membership of any Member on the ground that they consider him unfit or unsuitable for any reason to continue to be a Member, and such Member shall upon passing of such resolution immediately cease to be a Member.  Provided always that at least seven days’ previous notice in writing shall be sent or given to the Member in question notifying the intention of cancelling his membership, and such Member shall in any case have a reasonable opportunity of appearing in person before the Executive Committee and giving such explanation as he may desire.  The Executive Committee need not provide, and may not be called upon to provide, reasons for cancelling such membership.

Any Member becoming a bankrupt or compounding with his creditors or whose affairs are in liquidation by arrangement or being a Company shall be ordered to be wound up, or pass a resolution to wind up either voluntarily of compulsorily, shall ipso facto cease to be a Member of the Association.

Any Member who shall retire or cease to be a Member (except in the case of expulsion) may at any time be reinstated by receiving the votes of not less than two-thirds of all of the members of the Executive Committee present at any meeting of that Committee upon such terms and conditions with regard to payment of arrears of subscriptions and otherwise as the Executive Committee may decide.




All Members shall pay such subscriptions as shall from time to time be prescribed by the Executive Committee, and the rates and conditions of payment of any subscriptions may be altered or varied from time to time by that Committee.  Different rates of subscriptions may be fixed if in the opinion of the Executive Committee the circumstances of any particular case so require.

Unless otherwise provided by the Executive Committee the annual subscription shall be payable in advance on the first day of January in each year, but as regards Members newly elected, their first subscription shall be due upon election and shall be payable within 14 days after such election.


Any member whose subscription is in arrears for six months shall cease to be a Member and shall forfeit all the privileges of membership, but the arrears shall remain a debt due to and recoverable by the Association.

Any person, firm or company who shall for any reason cease to be a Member shall nevertheless remain liable for all monies which at the time of ceasing to be a Member may be, or may become, due from him to the Association under and by virtue of his liability under the Memorandum and Articles of Association.




+VAT 20%

Entrance/Registration (one-off payment)













Completion of the membership process signifies acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below.

Membership fees may only be paid in GBP £ Sterling irrespective of your country of origin, the table above indicates the fees applicable

Membership benefits are detailed above

Access to the Members Only section of the website online is not permitted until full payment is received

Discount on BCFTA registration fees will not be given until full payment is received.  Upon registering as a member your membership will be checked before registration is confirmed

Payment may be made by credit/debit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX) or bank transfer in GBP £ STERLING only. If paying by bank transfer you must accept ALL bank charges.  Payment may also be made via our website.

Cancellation policy for Membership: 1) Notification in writing within first calendar month of joining/renewal - full refund less £25 Administration Costs.  All bank or credit card charges incurred by BCFTA will not be refunded.  2) Reimbursements will be made for payments made by bank transfer only.

BCFTA operates on a calendar membership year.  You will be invited to renew your membership on the 1st of January annually.. Renewal notices are issued by post one month prior to expiry.  Membership applications received during the year will pay on a pro-rata basis.

This contract is governed by the laws of England.




Membership of the Bristol Corn and Feed Trade Association is open to all Companies who operate within the Grain and Feed Industries including Multi-National, National and those within the South West. Originally based at Queen Square, the Association moved in September 1990 to new offices near the M4 / M5 interchange and subsequently to its present offices at Portbury House where it is better placed to serve its members. The activities of the Association include bursary projects, seminars, meetings and an annual dinner. The Association also promotes funding for the training and education of member's employees.




Articles of Association - If you would like to view the Articles of Association please contact the office.




Refund for Membership – Membership is non-refundable.

Refund for Events - All cancellations should be made in writing. Cancellations notified before 14 working days before event – 20% administration fee incurred. Cancellations notified between 14 and 10 working days – 50% refund. Cancellations notified later than 10 working days before event – no refund.