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Feed Design Lab 2022

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Date Published: 05/01/2022

BCFTA conitue to support the Feed Design Lab in the Netherlands again this year to enable employees of BCFTA Member Companies to visit and learn at the state-of-the-art facility.

As part of our ongoing affliation, we receive updates about the facility that we can share with you as follows;

Dear partner of Feed Design Lab,  

We are looking back on a very special year for Feed Design Lab. Special because of all activities that went very well, simultaneously a few of our partners felt the hard times influences on livestock farming. We are happy the amount of partners stayed equal, a sign that in economical difficult times the added value of Feed Design Lab stays visible. Five companies ended their partnership, but we have welcomed an equal number of new partner companies.

  • Partner activities 

Due to all the Covid restrictions we managed to organise three very succesfull live events: the Open Day for our new test pilot,  a Youth Congress and the Business Meeting were all very well visited. Unfortunately,  a lot of the workshops had to be cancelled. Hopefully 2022 gives us the chance to start again with some fresh ideas. In any case on the agenda for 2022 a workshop about circular raw materials and measurable process conditions will be prepared. We hope it is possible to organise the international businesstrip in September.  During Victam 2022 Feed Design Lab is present with a stand, the Youth Congress and a workshop.  

  • Tests in the pilot plant 
    The interest in tests in our pilot plant keeps growing, the turnover in 2021 was the highest since the opening of Feed Design Lab in 2014. Our team has been strengthened with a new operator, what makes the rising demand for tests better manageable. The biggest demand comes  especially from additive producers, pet food and aqua feed producers and some big projects. The demand for 2022 already shows a positive image.  
  • Training 

As a result of the Corona virus we had to cancel a few courses. The demand for courses was high in the months it was possible to give courses. Especially the demand for tailor-made courses and courses on location increased. Hopefully in 2022 we can make a boost with more study days with a specific and current topics. 

The Corona virus remains, but we learn how to cope and move with the possibilities who are available. Hopefully in 2022 we are able to offer an inspiring networking program, we are hopefull  and excited! In the attachment you can read about all planned activities and events. Via our newsletter we will inform you about these events.

Board, management and employees of Feed Design Lab thank you sincerely for your trust and wish you and your loved ones a healthy, succesful and innovative 2022!  


And don't forget, BCFTA are planning a visit to the facility twice this year which can be booked by going to