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Eric Thomas, Wynnstay Group Plc Elected As President Of Bristol Corn & Feed Trade Association At The Annual General Meeting 2023

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Date Published: 15/05/2023

Eric Thomas, Wynnstay Group plc was elected as President of Bristol Corn & Feed Trade Association at the Annual General Meeting 2023 held at J24, Sedgemoor Auction Centre, Somerset.

The President thanked everyone for attending the meeting and particularly those who had come some distance and gave his apologies if anyone had trouble understanding his Brizzol accent.

The President sincerely thanked the Association for the honour of becoming President and he noted that he intend to carry on the traditions values and work of the Corn trade to the best of his ability.

The President thanked Daniel Hughes, immediate past-President for his years in office whice due to the Covid 19 pandemic had been almost four years but throughout he had striven purposefully during that period along with Victoria to ensure as many of the Trades functions carried on as near normal as possible. Four years whilst still running Prime Molasses is a huge achievement and an onerous task.