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Date Published: 14/07/2023

It was great to meet the delegates of this basic introduction to coding. We discussed how computers count and why this method was used, and how anyone can learn the language of coding. Coding (or programming as it used to be called), is far more accessible and powerful than many people realise. Whilst it was a short and simple introduction, the idea was to convey that it's really not scary and anyone who can understand what a spreadsheet is, is more than capable of coding. 

With chat GPT in the headlines, we had a play with it and explained what it can do and then we looked at writing a very simple 'Hello World" program. If there is interest for an in person course, we can spend a day together taking the first steps to write business useful programs. When it comes to the financial markets, these skills are highly valuable, but can also be applied to any business to streamline repetitive tasks.

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