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Date Published: 04/03/2021

Agribility is the home to Gafta’s established Distance Learning Programme (DLP) as well as our bite-size modules. These new courses aim to extend the number of topics covered by Gafta and provide a more versatile and complete training offering to the trade.

Each short course module is stand-alone and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. This form of training is easy to access and can be done whenever and wherever is most suitable for the student. It is adaptable so can be completed on a phone, tablet, or at an office desk. There is an assessment at the end of each module, based on the content learned. Successful students will receive a completion certificate.

More modules are being created all the time, so the list of topics is constantly increasing. The current available modules are:

  • An introduction to the trade
  • Appropriation and default
  • Catastrophe
  • Common difficulties with shipping documents
  • Enforcement
  • Fumigation
  • Futures and hedging
  • Laytime
  • Storage
  • The products
  • The Sale of Goods Act
  • Marine Insurance
  • Gafta Contract Terms and Approved Registers
  • Sampling
  • Methods of Payment
  • Insurance
  • Preparing for an Audit
  • Conducting an Internal Audit


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Non-Member: £70.00

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