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BCFTA C.O.A.S.TOpportunities for a career within the agricultural supply trade are numerous and the roles listed below are an example of some potential ones.

The supply trade even, with the use of electronic communication, is still very much a person to person business. Company’s involved range from one person businesses to those employing hundreds of people. Opportunities for employment vary enormously dependent on the size of the company and the service/product they supply.

The roles listed give a very basic insight into potential opportunities for employment in the Agricultural supply trade;

Buyer  •  Management  •  Marketing  •  Nutrition  •  Production  •  Logistics  •  Trading

For further details of potential career opportunities please send your details confirming education, qualifications and where you would be interested in working within the UK to

What BCFTA can do?

  • We can provide speakers at careers events and to schools, colleges and universities to explain what the trade offers.
  • Assist in career choices by informal discussions and possible mentoring

What BCFTA don’t do:

  • We are not a provider of job vacancies